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Hi, I'm Penny Pearsall, an artist
working in western North
I work in plaster, grout and wood
to create textured surfaces,
relief images and impressions
from nature  for walls, ceilings
and framed art.
I also have an accessory line of barked items including  
valances, mirrors, wreaths, shutters, baskets, tissue boxes
and other accessories using poplar bark, locust bark and
items found in Nature.  To understand more about what I do
take a look at these samples of my work and give me a call or
a click if you want to talk about the possibilities for
Copyright 2010 Penny Pearsall
What exactly
is it that I do?
I create a wide
variety of
textured finishes.
Click here to see
some examples.
Where does it go
in the home or
Almost any room.
These pictures show  
a few examples.
my bio