Penny Pearsall

Although I have expressed myself through art since childhood, I found my medium of
creating wall finishes and nature-themed accessories about fifteen years ago while
living in the mountains of western North Carolina. I began handcrafting mirrors and
valances using locust and poplar bark, pine cones and pods gathered from the
woods that surrounded me.

A couple of years later I began designing and executing custom wall finishes, at first
by pressing bark, leaves and hemlock boughs into wet plaster. Later I began shaping
the soft plaster with a knife. I experimented with different ways to texture and color
the plaster as it dried. The designs all had a common theme -- to bring my love of
nature inside and use it to complement the furniture and fabrics in the room.

After a while I moved to Naples, Florida for three years to provide finishes for several
clients. Other commissions followed and my impressions, relief murals and
accessories expanded to include indigenous materials such as shells and sea
grass, even antique lace.

A few years ago I returned to the North Carolina mountains where I continue to work
with materials from nature to create wall finishes, barked accessories, framed
pieces, wall hangings, and carved grout and chiseled impressions.

My work has been featured in
North Carolina Architecture and Design, Atlanta
Second Homes
, and Builder/Architect Magazine.

Examples can be found at

You can contact me at 828-577-9702 or